The NAVS Project: a novel way to study and preserve traditional shipbuilding heritage

The exhibition completes the cycle of exhibitions hosted at the Eugenides Foundation showcasing the NAVS Project results to the public. 

The exhibition presents the new technologies used in a pioneering approach to the study traditional and historical boats. Specifically, it describes all stages of the process from digital scanning to modelling and 3D printing by presenting selected examples (Greek ‘briki’ (brig), trehadiri, karavoskaro and liberty) in 3D printed models on scale.

The exhibition is directly related to the development of the Digital Repository which is the legacy of the NAVS Project in the research of historical and traditional shipbuilding. The Digital Repository is a digital database of geometric ship models accompanied by documentation and historical information that includes 3D digital models, point clouds, photographs and more. Access to the Digital Repository is free, while users can download the available files upon request.