3D digital impression of trireme OLYMPIAS 

6-7 August 2020

Hellenic Maritime Heritage Park, Flisvos

In preparation for the anniversary exhibition “The trireme and the Battle of Salamis”, the trireme OLYMPIAS has been identified as the representative warship of the time.

On 6th and 7th August 2020, with the kind permission of the Hellenic Navy General Staff, the 3D digital impression of the trireme OLYMPIAS was conducted in the area where she is docked. The company GMT, one of the project NAVS partners, undertook the digital impression using 3D laser scanning under the scientific supervision of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

The plans of the digital scan will be uploaded on the digital repository of the NAVS project.

NAVS Project kick-off meeting

22 June 2020, Eugenides Foundation

The kick-off meeting of the NAUS project took place on 22nd June 2020 at the Eugenides Foundation premises with the participation of all the partners. The objective of the meeting was to present the work packages and set up the timetable of the project activities.  The project members had a fruitful discussion about the prioritization of tasks and partner co-operation.