Two-decker, second rate ship of the line



Two-deckers in general

Two-deckers were sail warships widely used in the 18th and 19th centuries. They carried their guns (70-90 cannons) on two fully armed decks and their crew consisted of 500-700 men.
They were also called ships of the line (french. vaisseau de ligne)  from the line formation during battle, where the two columns of opposing warships maneuvered to fire with their cannons along their broadside. 

The two-decker Asia

HMS Asia was built at the Royal Navy Bombay dockyards in 1824 from teak wood. Teak was a very popular material in shipbuilding thanks to its endurance and waterproof properties. Asia had an innovative circular stern and her figurehead was a Rajah with a turban. HMS Asia took part in several Royal Navy campaigns until late 19th century.

During the Battle of Navarino,  20th October 1827, Asia was Vice Admiral Codrington’s flagship. She anchored between the Ottoman (Kuh-I-Revan) και την Egyptian (Guierrere) flagships, and proceeded to destroy both shortly afterwards.


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Original ship plans

ΖΑΖ0438 (J2318): body plan, sheer lines, and longitudinal half-breath for ‘Asia’ (1824) © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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